Call for Speakers

C++ Under the Sea invites you to submit your proposal for a talk at our inaugural conference in Breda, October 11, 2024!

The conference will host two concurrent tracks, running independently:

  • Track 1: We welcome proposals on diverse C++ topics — talks that inspire everyone to brainstorm and explore new avenues! Are you developing an innovative library that solves an interesting problem? Have you thoroughly explored various techniques for addressing a common challenge and want to share your findings? Perhaps you’re applying C++ in unique environments, or you’re a researcher utilizing C++ in a fascinating field? We appreciate talks that offer insights into the language and its practical applications, providing actionable ideas for the audience to integrate into their work.
  • Track 2: This year, we’re particularly interested in proposals involving C++ on GPUs, spanning GPU computing, machine learning, gaming, and other applications. If there’s significant interest in this domain, we’re considering dedicating the second track to explore this exciting area of C++ development further.

Each talk is scheduled for 55 minutes, which includes time for questions and discussion.

Above everything, we seek a fun variety of perspectives and backgrounds in C++, welcoming contributions from individuals of all experience levels, races, and genders. Whether you’re a student or a seasoned professional, your ideas are valuable to us!

How to Submit? Email a few detailed paragraphs that outline your talk proposal; don’t worry if it’s not fully fleshed out yet — we will not use this version of your submitted abstract or outline in our published materials. Send your summary to speakers [at]

The deadline for submissions is June 12, 2024.

Selected speakers will receive complimentary admission to the conference. If you already bought a ticket, we will refund it if your talk is selected.

Travel costs: If your employer covers your travel expenses, they will receive a Community sponsorship on our site and conference materials. In other cases, speakers may receive a stipend to help with their travel costs if they are unable to cover them themselves. While we cannot assure full coverage of all travel expenses, we will communicate with speakers after selection to address and accommodate their travel needs to the best of our ability.