Information for Trainers

C++ Under the Sea 2024 has invited select instructors to participate in our inaugural year.

General Information:

  • Workshops are one day, with approximately 6 hours of total instruction time after lunch and breaks are excluded. We provide lunch and refreshments to all attendees and instructors. General information for attendees about the workshops can be found here.
  • Workshops will be on Thursday, October 10, 2024. This precedes the main conference, which takes place the following day.
  • The conference talks and workshops take place at Breepark in Breda, the Netherlands. More information about the conference and venue are on the front page.

Terms for 2024 workshop instructors:

  • Instructor remuneration is a percentage of ticket sales. Workshop tickets are priced at €525 including VAT. Instructors will receive 50% of the pre-VAT price, which is €217 per attendee.
  • All workshop instructors receive a free ticket to the conference on the following day. Instructors may also submit a talk proposal for the main conference, which will be reviewed by the Program Committee along with other submissions. The call for speakers ends on June 12, 2024.
  • We offer two setup possibilities: a traditional theater-style arrangement (similar to a standard conference talk) or a classroom-style setup with tables for attendees to use while working. We need to know your preference in advance. For a classroom setup, the maximum capacity is approximately 20 attendees, while a theater-style arrangement can accommodate more. If there is high demand for a particular workshop, we can discuss with the venue how to accommodate additional attendees, unless you prefer to maintain a maximum limit of seats.
  • Instructors may also choose to set a minimum number of registrants. If the number of registered attendees falls below this minimum, we will contact you two weeks before the workshop to discuss the possibility of canceling it. If cancellation is necessary, we will offer registrants the option to join another available workshop. We will not make any changes without consulting you first if you have specified a preferred minimum class size. And of course, you may still attend the conference in the event the workshop is canceled.
  • Travel costs: Instructors are subject to the same guidelines as speakers. Please refer to the Travel Costs section at the bottom of the Call for Speakers page.

To facilitate your workshop, we need the following information:

  • An outline for your workshop so attendees have a good preview of what will be covered. This will be included in various places, including the general workshop page.
  • A photo of you to use on our site and social media.
  • Classroom arrangement: please inform us if you need a theater-style setup (similar to a regular talk) or a classroom configuration with tables. If you are flexible, that’s also acceptable. Additionally, some instructors prefer an arrangement that facilitates small group work.
  • The minimum and maximum number of seats you wish for your workshop.
  • If space allows, we may have a couple volunteers or conference administrators join a workshop. They will also be available to provide any necessary assistance to the instructor. Since they do not hold paid tickets, they will not contribute to the instructor’s compensation. If you prefer not to offer these seats to conference personnel, please inform us.